Clare (eralc03) wrote in klocomotive,

Idol RPG

Hey guys,

I wanted to let you know about an Idol RPG that my friends and I are starting here:

RPG stands for Role Playing Game. Basically, you pick one or two Idols to be and then act them out. It's like writing living, collaborative fanfiction. RPGs have been played by people over journals or AIM before, but not many have been done on messageboards before. Trust me that it's really simple to learn, and alot of us are veterans of past messageboard RPG games, so we can help you!

The plot of this particular game is that the Idols have been stranded on a deserted island... what they don't know is that they've become unwilling participants in a new reality show set up but the Idol producers. It's like Survivor meets Gilligan's Island meets The Truman Show.

So if you're interested in participating, come check out our cast thread and see if there's anybody you'd like to be. You can be anyone from any season of American, Canadian or Australian Idol.

Our board is currently on email validation, and I know that gives people problems sometimes, so if you have trouble validating your account, please contact me the admin on AIM at GeekiliciousMe.

Hope to see some new faces in our game! Don't be shy!

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